The following notes were not found by me whilst not remotely browsing the computer of a certain movie executive.

Untitled Movie


hEre we'll have the start, where the characters are introduced, and we establish the motivations and stuff.


Here we'll have violence, car stunts, sex - to appeal to the teen/twenties male audience, plus some relationship stuff- for their dates. And we better put in something philosophical for the weed heads. (Note: get philosophy book). This film is going to be notorious, and controversial, due to some particularly brutal violence, possibly involving a ride on mower, or a blow torch... Plus some really hot tongue action, possibly lesbian. (Note: check with censor guy re lesbians).


We may need some new words; 'fuck' is just so dead, D>E>D. Maybe we'll get the actors to just say it extra harshly, and frequently. Or we could go with a humorous 'f.u.' approach: like, 'you could fuck my dog, but he didn't get his shots yet'. Something like that.

Intellectual factors:

Strong patriotic subtext: maybe the bad guy is Bin Laden spelt backwards, or wears a turban (no, that's seiks). Anyway the guy is obviously a foreign asshole, and hates freedom. And then the hero once got busted for trying to do the right thing for his country, but nobody understood; Yeah, and no one understood him, especially his wife, who slept around while he was at the front... And he's no good with women because of, because of his experiences in the military or something - Post Combat disorder, or whatever. Anyway he has a condition that means he's only good for kicking rag-head ass. Shit, that's good! And maybe he got busted for taking down some rag-head (who'd raped a girl G.I., no a nurse, no a nun, demure, but still foxy. So she gets brutally raped, and there's no evidence or something, but he was there, and did what he had to, to save her, and our values, and freedom). This is the story of a fallen-angel/vigilante who nobody understood, fighting for democracy: it's fucking Shakespeare!


A stirring speech about democracy and morality, then we'll have couple of jets fly into the sunset. Hmmm, maybe we should make the guy a fighter jock... Anyway, then we'll have the credits and we'll dedicate it to some dead G.I. or a cop or kid or something. Fuck - this is oscar stuff! (Note: call that freak at the board of awards, find out what they want this year.)

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