Concrete sky
crunchy syringes,
bottle tops in clammy sand,
sloppy durex and seaweed.
Dog shit,
under the 'no dog shit' sign.

The weather man apologised:
our national salute -
16 times a day
everyone together...

i hate that word:
if it breathed, i'd choke it,
like they choked that cat.
It was in a dustbin.
It was 'kids'
it's always 'kids'
where are the kids?

I live here and i am smiling:
to the rule i daren't break;
a sensible rule, in margate

They are visiting and they smile;
it's the package day law.
But they're sad
and I know it
and i hate them for it:

They get to go back to asprinford,
back to peckham and maidstone,
and they can STOP,

They can argue and hit.
They can break up or break down,
any old day they want,
on the 24th floor.

But I live in Margate.
And one has to smile, in Margate.

© copyright cb salter