Child Abuse

the last true taboo

A definition of child abuse?
Even the term is misleading - there is no correct way to 'use' a child.

Child abuse - what is it?

Is it rape, beating, torture, neglect, inspection? Is it ritual or psychological, spiritual or emotional? Is it just being ignored?

It's hard to say because most people don't want to say, anything.
Except the experts. Experts will talk about definitions all day long: inventing new definitions for tomorrow's experts to talk about - and talk about, and talk about...
And this will continue for as long as there is child abuse - for as long as grown ups make children without first facing their own past - their pain, their fear and the results of all that.

I'm no expert, and so my definition of child abuse is a bit crude, a bit naughty, probably too short and rather too rude, but:

If you think you were abused then you were abused.

And if you know someone who vigorously, fanatically - or even angrily - asserts that no way was there any child abuse in their neighborhood, and that they had a wonderful, perfect and idyllic childhood, then.. well, maybe...

..After all, not everyone is a victim of child abuse - just many more than will say.

How well did we 'survive'?

Society's term for a victim of child abuse is 'survivor of child abuse.' There is a reason for that.

You see, if you're a 'survivor' of child abuse, then it means you're okay today and can get on with life - facing up, going forward, etc - without bothering anyone with that nasty subject that we don't want to hear about.

But - where there are 'victims' there is pressure to do something - especially if the victims are still lying around, bleeding, crying and doing other victim type stuff...

Mention child abuse in a crowded room. Go on, try it - say..

"child abuse"

..No fart emptied a room as fast. (I know - I've tried both.) It's easier to engage in debate about cancer, ebola or global-killer asteroids than it is to talk about... Ssssshhhh! Don't even say it!

Child abuse?

Child abuse: I was abused - I'm worse than cancer.

You can't even say Child S*x Abuse. To be polite, and P.C, you have to call it C.S.A, so that you could be talking about almost anything - anything but child abuse...

And while we're busy being polite, correct and rational, everyday, in every city, children are fighting for their lives - their lives as dumb kids.

Ever noticed how dumb kids are? They really are; they'll believe just about anything you tell them; I mean, look at Santa Clause... No wonder adults sometimes have to hit kids, or shout at them, or ridicule them, or maybe rape them a bit... It's because children are dumb - dumb and guilty - guilty of getting born; guilty of not learning fast enough...

It's a war against children - an undeclared war - and kids are out-gunned, out-manoeuvered, out-intel'd, and utterly alone - because adults control almost everything. And if adults are not abusing directly then they're supporting it ignorantly - too busy with sports, products, money and denial.

If it's okay for them to do it to us, then it's okay to talk about it.

When will child abuse end?

It's an interesting question. Adults have had about, I dunno, a couple or three millennia to fix this child abuse thing. And - surprise, surprise - it's still going on...

Stupid adults..

'Society' - The Corporation - is a scam, and many adults know it. But we're all too compromised to fix it - because we've got shares in it, because we're married into it, because we're too old and slow headed. Therefore, the only real hope for children facing abuse today - right now - is knowledge - their own knowledge, fully owned by them.
And that's why I love the net - because 'bad kids' don't just look up rappers and porno... Sometimes, if they're really, really bad (and wicked and shameful..) they might dare to look up the last true taboo..

..And then, just maybe, if they're really, really dirty and evil (etc, etc) they may just say:


- and understand that it wasn't their fault.


a stray mutt.


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