Chewable Vitamin C

One day,

While scaling the heights of the medicine cabinet,
where lay the Chewable Vitamin C - 'safely out of reach' -
there occurred an earthquake.

It wasn't huge, but bad enough, and so she freaked.

Even after the quaking, she was freaking,
and in her head, the special-spooky music began to play...

She sat on the bath and tried to figure it out -
how and why, and what it all meant.

Carefully and thoroughly,
she began to compute the juxtaposition of events:
the stealing of the chewable vitamin c,
her habit, recently remarked,
of telling the most lurid of lies,
plus the earthquake, plus various other details,
corroborations and meaningless coincidences.

And then,
after a further while,
her budding brain printed the following conclusion:

"that was my fault."


© copyright cb salter